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So, we went on down to New Orleans a deux to attend the French Quarter Festival.  (We used to go quite regularly but got distracted by the whole having a child thing.)  It was, as usual, fantastic.  Just wandering around the Quarter and stumbling upon great music at every turn.  Fantastic food, even at the vendor stands at […]

Push: A Novel — I desperately wish I had never read this book.  I keep thinking about it and not in a good way.  More in a it’s bothering my protected little life by making me think about disturbing things way.  I know that it’s good for me to step outside my comfort zone but I […]

Frankie’s new favorite bedtime story is Princess Hyacinth (The Surprising Tale of a Girl Who Floated).  Princess Hyacinth had a problem. Well, you’re saying, everyone has a problem. But this was an unusual problem. Oh, she didn’t look unusual, that wasn’t it. She had two eyes, with a nose between them and a mouth under […]

Do you remember when you were a kid and you read A Wrinkle in Time or The Chronicles of Narnia or A Wizard of Earthsea or A Ring of Endless Light for the first time?  It’s like that.  The 2010 Newbery Medal Winner, When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead is just like that.  It […]

So,when I walked into my local library in a few months back and saw not one, but TWO new Charlaine Harris books on the shelf waiting for me, I was in fan heaven. The first one,A Touch of Dead (Sookie Stackhouse: The Complete Stories) is the latest offering in her popular Sookie Stackhouse series that serves as […]

I was ecstatic (that’s fancy for happy) when I saw this book was coming out in time for the holiday season. We love the Fancy Nancy books and Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas is a nice addition to the series. Nancy and her family are decorating their house and picking out a Christmas Tree. “I love […]

What a nice “quiet” book for bedtime.  In 3 chapters for early readers, but perfect for reading to a pre-schooler.  Houndsley and Catina are practicing for the concert but it looks like they might get snowed in.  Catina starts to worry about all the things she can’t do when they are stuck in the house, […]

Just finished reading Catching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games) for book club. A quick, easy read that like the first one, leaves you wanting more! Katniss, our heroine from the first book, is just as compelling and like all teenagers, just as confused. As a winning “tribute” she should have been set […]

Poodlena “In a big city high rise On the very top floor Lived a pink, fluffy poodle,– Poodlena Pompadour.” Thus begins a delightful look into the world of a pampered poodle in the city. The rhymes are fun but what little girls really love are the illustrations. Poodlena with her mountain of pink fluffy hair […]

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Terrier (The Legend of Beka Cooper, Book 1) I like Tamora Pierce. She writes wonderfully strong-willed female characters. That being said, the Beka Cooper series is my favorite of all. Pierce has really come into her own, adding strong writing to her already strong plots and characters. Terrier takes place in her familiar kingdom of […]