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The Scavengers — Book Review

And this cover shows exactly why we love this heroine!

I love a good post-apocalyptic/dystopian tale and so when I found one that was appropriate to share with my daughter I was ecstatic!

The Scavengers by Michael Perry tells the story of Maggie, aka Ford Falcon.  Life is hard outside the Bubble Cities and she and her family must work hard to survive.  The world is short on food but large on dangers (solar bears, grey devils) and electricity is a thing of the past.

Maggie scavenges from the junkyard near her home and trades the items in “town”.  Maggie returns from a bartering trip to find her family missing.  Her journey to find them will reveal many secrets along the way.

I loved this book because I was able to read aloud with my daughter and introduce her to some of my favorite genres.

The violence is mild and the scariness factor fairly low (depending upon the imagination of your child).  Some children might find it upsetting to think of the world as they know it disappearing so judge accordingly.  We did this as a read-aloud so we could discuss anything that came up but my girl longs for adventure and loved our scrappy heroine.  The story is also filled with eccentric characters such as Maggie’s nemesis, the rooster and Toad with his spoonerisms.

Big thumbs up for middle grade readers.


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