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When Life Gives You Lemons….
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Frankie:  Mama, When will this family die?
Mama: I don’t know. Probably not for a long time
Frankie: Well, Papa is really old so he will probably die faster than us.
Mama: Well, that’s probably true. We’ll probably be a little sad then.
Frankie: Why?
Mama: Because Papa won’t be with us anymore and
Frankie: (interrupts) And we love him and we will miss him
Mama: Yes, and so that will probably make us a little sad
Frankie: (with tears in her voice) and he won’t be able to give me lemon drops anymore
Mama: Right, and
Frankie: (feeling perkier) But his desk will still be here and I can maybe sneak over and get one.

Papa & Frankie -- 94 1/2 & 3 1/2


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