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Book (& vacation!) Review — Jazz Cats
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So, we went on down to New Orleans a deux to attend the French Quarter Festival.  (We used to go quite regularly but got distracted by the whole having a child thing.)  It was, as usual, fantastic.  Just wandering around the Quarter and stumbling upon great music at every turn.  Fantastic food, even at the vendor stands at the festival.  Wander up by the river for a little breeze and watch my favorite New Orleans Band the Tin Men.   Also fantastic was the 6 nights with only two of us in the bed, and being able to wander around without keeping an eye on another person!  And we mustn’t forget the blessed absence of repetitive chatter!

I always buy a book for Frankie when we go on vacation.  This trip’s find is Jazz Cats.  With colorful graphics, a great spoken jazz rhythm, and references to New Orleans landmarks such as Jackson Square, it captures the feeling of jazz at its finest. 

Down in New Orleans where the sounds are sweet,
In a back-alley corner off of Bourbon Street, there’s some hipster kitties (they don’t chase no rats).
They make swinging music — ‘cuase they’re Jazz Cats!

Jazz Cats!
Swingin’ Jazz Cats!

I love reading this to her because it’s fun to say “Jazz Cats, swingin’ Jazz cats!” Or “Jazz Cats, sleepy Jazz Cats!”   It’s also nice to have things to show her about the place Mama and Daddy like to visit.  Speaking of showing her New Orleans, I loved, loved The Princess and the Frog (Single Disc Widescreen)

Ok, so to recap this very rambling post:  Love vacation, love New Orleans, love Jazz Cats, love Princess and the Frog!  Happy Summer!

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