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Dear Santa.....

Frankie has been learning a lot of Christmas songs in pre-school in preparation for their Christmas program.  We’ve been having a lot of arguments discussions about them including the fact that there are many different versions of the 12 Days of Christmas and they do not all include kitty cats and puppy dogs.  Here is an example:

Mama: Joy to the world ……and heaven and nature sing..
Frankie: No Mama. It’s heaven and nature SEE.
Mama: No Honey, They are sinGing because of Jesus’ Birthday
Frankie: (shrieking) NO! IT’S HEAVEN AND NATURE SEE!

This one occurred on the way to school so we had Miss Billie moderate when we got there.

The picture is her letter to Santa which she dictated to me and then decorated herself. Fortunately Santa had not committed to what he was thinking of getting her (which was princess related and she asked for a month ago) and was able to substitute (at a significant savings!) the asked for animals.

I had to post this because I love the picture.  Hope you’re having a fabulous snow day! We’re getting our white Christmas!

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  1. Becquel Smith says:

    I love this story! I can’t wait for Jack to get to this age.

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