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Book Review — Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas
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51tN6tVJO4L__SL16=I was ecstatic (that’s fancy for happy) when I saw this book was coming out in time for the holiday season. We love the Fancy Nancy books and Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas is a nice addition to the series. Nancy and her family are decorating their house and picking out a Christmas Tree.

“I love Christmas so much. It is important to find a tree with a wonderful aroma. (That’s a fancy word for smell.) I think bigger is always better. but my dad says we must compromise. That means we end up with the tree my mom wants”

While they wait for Grandpa to get there so they can decorate the tree, they make delectable cookies (that’s fancy for yummy) go caroling (that’s fancy for singing Christmas songs) and plead (like begging only fancier) to put the tree topper on.   Unfortunately, patience wears thin and disaster strikes.   But Grandpa saves the day with a lesson about improvising (that’s fancy for using whatever’s on hand) and making memories. 

The illustrations are fabulous (that’s fancy for great) as always but I think the story hiccups in place and is not as strong as usual.   Still, Nancy shines and introduces some fancy vocabulary, making us look forward to the spring and more Fancy Nancy titles.

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  1. Robin says:

    “I always have great fun putting myself in Nancy’s fancy shoes when I receive each of Jane O’Connor’s manuscripts for a Fancy Nancy book. Our latest collaboration is no different

    Fancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinaire comes out March 2nd. Nancy’s love of fancy, beautiful language makes her just the right guide for young children to explore and have fun with poetry.

    “When I first got the story, I started to imagine what kind of dress-up Nancy would pull together to wear for writing poetry — something Shakespearian perhaps, or reaching back even further to Homer? Then came the footwear! Ever crafty, Nancy could easily assemble her version of ancient footwear with a pair of flip flops and some ribbon. Voila! The cover illustration started to take shape in my minds
    to take shape in my mind” ”….

  2. Jackie J says:

    As fans of your site and reviews, the HarperCollins Children’s Books publicity team would love to get direct contact information and work with you in the future. Can you confirm what types of books you are interested in reviewing so that we can send you ones that are suited for your site?

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