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Book Review — Terrier (Legend of Beka Cooper Bk 1)
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51K17knkGVL__SL160_Terrier (The Legend of Beka Cooper, Book 1)

I like Tamora Pierce. She writes wonderfully strong-willed female characters. That being said, the Beka Cooper series is my favorite of all. Pierce has really come into her own, adding strong writing to her already strong plots and characters. Terrier takes place in her familiar kingdom of Tortall but preceding the other series set in the same locale. Beka is actually the great-great-great-grandmother of Aliane of the Trickster series. Beka lives in the lower city and is training with the provost’s guard, essentially she is a cop. This book covers her first year of traning and is told as Beka’s diary. A must read for fantasy lovers and suitable for age 13 and up.

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