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I love a good post-apocalyptic/dystopian tale and so when I found one that was appropriate to share with my daughter I was ecstatic! The Scavengers by Michael Perry tells the story of Maggie, aka Ford Falcon.  Life is hard outside the Bubble Cities and she and her family must work hard to survive.  The world is […]

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A Mighty Girl

This is one of the most awesome websites I have seen in a while.  How awesome you ask?  So awesome I wish I had thought of it myself!  I’ll let you read it in their own superbly awesome words: A Mighty Girl is the world’s largest collection of books and movies for parents, teachers, and […]

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{Spoilers Ahead} I liked this movie.  It takes place in a land dear to my heart (due to reading Outlander a time, or two, or 10).  And I loved our fiery tomboy princess protagonist.  I loved that it wasn’t about going to the ball, or falling in love with the prince (although the conflict is […]

Halloween themed titles are some of our favorite so we will be sharing them with you soon!

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It’s probably not too surprising that I have read Beverly Cleary‘s Ramona books. Therefore when I saw they were making a Beezus and Ramona movie I was ok with it. And since Ramona is four in the book, I thought it would be appropriate to take Frankie to see it.  I am not impressed.  First of […]

So, we went on down to New Orleans a deux to attend the French Quarter Festival.  (We used to go quite regularly but got distracted by the whole having a child thing.)  It was, as usual, fantastic.  Just wandering around the Quarter and stumbling upon great music at every turn.  Fantastic food, even at the vendor stands at […]

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Frankie:  Mama, When will this family die? Mama: I don’t know. Probably not for a long time Frankie: Well, Papa is really old so he will probably die faster than us. Mama: Well, that’s probably true. We’ll probably be a little sad then. Frankie: Why? Mama: Because Papa won’t be with us anymore and Frankie: […]

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Dear Easter Bunny,  I know you were probably freezing your tail off since it was only 17 degrees, but next year can you please remember to take your garbage with you so I don’t have to think on my feet so early in the morning?  Thanks for hiding the eggs inside by the way.  Also, could you […]

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I’m thinking I’m really cool about now since I was asked to contribute to the March MamaVoices column over at Today’s Mama.    The subject was “3 Books You Could Read Over and Over”.  I had a lot of fun doing it and I was surprised at how many of the other choices I was not […]