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Frankie:  Mama, When will this family die? Mama: I don’t know. Probably not for a long time Frankie: Well, Papa is really old so he will probably die faster than us. Mama: Well, that’s probably true. We’ll probably be a little sad then. Frankie: Why? Mama: Because Papa won’t be with us anymore and Frankie: […]

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Dear Easter Bunny,  I know you were probably freezing your tail off since it was only 17 degrees, but next year can you please remember to take your garbage with you so I don’t have to think on my feet so early in the morning?  Thanks for hiding the eggs inside by the way.  Also, could you […]

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Frankie has been learning a lot of Christmas songs in pre-school in preparation for their Christmas program.  We’ve been having a lot of arguments discussions about them including the fact that there are many different versions of the 12 Days of Christmas and they do not all include kitty cats and puppy dogs.  Here is […]

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My Grandfather lives with us. He just turned 95.  Most people think he is about 70. He takes care of himself with me to provide laundry and cooking.  Half the time he drives himself down to the diner in the morning or the burger joint in the evening. He really isn’t much trouble at all. […]

What a nice “quiet” book for bedtime.  In 3 chapters for early readers, but perfect for reading to a pre-schooler.  Houndsley and Catina are practicing for the concert but it looks like they might get snowed in.  Catina starts to worry about all the things she can’t do when they are stuck in the house, […]

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With some snipping of the stragglers and a judicously placed headband I think we might have pulled it off.  Of course, there is the power struggle over where to place the bow and the ever present problem of if she knows her picture is being taken this grimace is her idea of a smile, but […]

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I am sure I’m not the only mama this has happened to….   A quiet evening at home, the night before school picture day… Frankie:  Mama, Look!  (big smile) Mama:  AAAAHHHH.  WHAT IS THAT IN YOUR HANDS! Frankie:  I cut my hair Mama!  (still with the smile) Mama:  (puts her face in her hands and […]

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So, Daddy took Frankie to dance class again and took one picture before he was politely asked to stay out of the classroom. It is the rule and the reason for it obvious after Frankie saw him and promptly had a meltdown….

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So, first of all, I LOVE my new job. Frankie does not. She lets me know by the pile of sobbing pre-schooler on the floor as I leave her. At home with her Daddy. My job is interesting and engaging and creative and really, what more can you ask for? On the other hand, I […]