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Frankie has been learning a lot of Christmas songs in pre-school in preparation for their Christmas program.  We’ve been having a lot of arguments discussions about them including the fact that there are many different versions of the 12 Days of Christmas and they do not all include kitty cats and puppy dogs.  Here is […]

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3 AM — Everyone is sleeping in the big bed. Frankie: Mooommmee Mama: What Honey? Frankie: I was sleeping and nobody said Merry Christmas to me! Mama: Well, everyone else was sleeping too. pause Frankie: Mama, say Merry Christmas Mama: Merry Christmas, Frankie Frankie: Merry Christmas too, Mama (gives Mama a hug) (I should clarify: […]

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  Because you know a tutu is the appropriate attire for tree decorating…. Mama: No! Five minute time out! Get to your room! Frankie: (muttering under her breath as she walks away) Good, that’s not very long **************************** Mama: Please don’t take the ornaments off the tree. Frankie: But mama, I’m making a bowl of […]