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  Because you know a tutu is the appropriate attire for tree decorating…. Mama: No! Five minute time out! Get to your room! Frankie: (muttering under her breath as she walks away) Good, that’s not very long **************************** Mama: Please don’t take the ornaments off the tree. Frankie: But mama, I’m making a bowl of […]

I was ecstatic (that’s fancy for happy) when I saw this book was coming out in time for the holiday season. We love the Fancy Nancy books and Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas is a nice addition to the series. Nancy and her family are decorating their house and picking out a Christmas Tree. “I love […]

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My Grandfather lives with us. He just turned 95.  Most people think he is about 70. He takes care of himself with me to provide laundry and cooking.  Half the time he drives himself down to the diner in the morning or the burger joint in the evening. He really isn’t much trouble at all. […]

What a nice “quiet” book for bedtime.  In 3 chapters for early readers, but perfect for reading to a pre-schooler.  Houndsley and Catina are practicing for the concert but it looks like they might get snowed in.  Catina starts to worry about all the things she can’t do when they are stuck in the house, […]

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With some snipping of the stragglers and a judicously placed headband I think we might have pulled it off.  Of course, there is the power struggle over where to place the bow and the ever present problem of if she knows her picture is being taken this grimace is her idea of a smile, but […]

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I am sure I’m not the only mama this has happened to….   A quiet evening at home, the night before school picture day… Frankie:  Mama, Look!  (big smile) Mama:  AAAAHHHH.  WHAT IS THAT IN YOUR HANDS! Frankie:  I cut my hair Mama!  (still with the smile) Mama:  (puts her face in her hands and […]

I’ve discovered something fun over at Booking Mama —  The Shelf Discovery Challenge.  Grap a copy of Shelf Discovery: The Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading by Lizzie Skurnick and join the challenge. Reminisce about your favorite reads from younger years and read the essays by some fabulous authors about their favorites.   Then, head over to Booking […]

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Such a fun day! They supplied all the materials and Frankie drew the face herself and picked out all the clothing and accessories. (because you know the accessories are the most important part!) Unfortunately for Mama, having a girly-girl requires a scarecrow with a skirt/dress but we finally made it work. Word of advice….take your […]

Just finished reading Catching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games) for book club. A quick, easy read that like the first one, leaves you wanting more! Katniss, our heroine from the first book, is just as compelling and like all teenagers, just as confused. As a winning “tribute” she should have been set […]

Poodlena “In a big city high rise On the very top floor Lived a pink, fluffy poodle,– Poodlena Pompadour.” Thus begins a delightful look into the world of a pampered poodle in the city. The rhymes are fun but what little girls really love are the illustrations. Poodlena with her mountain of pink fluffy hair […]