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Book Review — March Book Club Selection

Push: A Novel — I desperately wish I had never read this book.  I keep418wgguEfOL__SL160_ thinking about it and not in a good way.  More in a it’s bothering my protected little life by making me think about disturbing things way.  I know that it’s good for me to step outside my comfort zone but I don’t like it! 

I’ll probably give away spoilers in this review so stop reading now if you are going to read this book — The main character Precious is having her second child by her father who started abusing her at an early age.  Her mother is also abusive not only verbally and physically but sexually as well.   She is 16 and still in junior high from being held back and now they want to kick her out because of the pregnancy.   Someone finally gets her into an alternative program where she is able to work on her literacy.  Some readers find this story inspirational as she’s working to “get out”.  I find that unlikely and my heart just breaks at the innocence lost and the thought of anyone treating a child like that.  And I can’t stop thinking about it and I really want to stop thinking about it!  I guess that means it was a good book?  🙂

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