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Book Review — Princess Hyacinth (the Surprising Tale of a Girl who Floated)
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Frankie’s new favorite bedtime story is Princess Hyacinth (The Surprising Tale of a Girl Who Floated)

Princess Hyacinth had a problem.
Well, you’re saying, everyone has a problem. But this was an unusual problem. Oh, she didn’t look unusual, that wasn’t it. She had two eyes, with a nose between them and a mouth under that– you know, the usual things in the usual arrangement.
In fact, if she wasn’t all dressed up in her Princess clothes, you’d think she was just anybody.
So what was the problem?
Princess Hyacinth floated.

First of all, I love it that the princess has a problem instead of some poor girl who becomes a princess and lives 51NcpzD4pJL__SL160_happily ever after.  Because of the floating thing, she cannot go about like the other children and often must be strapped down or wear weighted gowns and a heavy crown which makes it so she can hardly move.  I’m a little uncomfortable with the fact that the balloon man will do what she asks just because she’s the princess but that is a minor thing in an otherwise fabulous book.  I love the theme that “things” do not make you free and that after the adventures are had and the friendships made, she still has a problem.

The problem about the floating was never solved, and that’s too bad.
But Princess Hyacinth was never bored again.

The illustrations are quirky and the princess looks like an ordinary girl.  The text itself is also part of the fun of the story as it changes color, size, placement on the page, adds iltalics etc. which makes it quite fun as a read aloud.  We have been reading it at least twice a day since getting it from the library and not only does Frankie keep requesting it, but Mama is willing to keep reading it.  Always an ideal situation!

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