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Mama Laughs (Frankie Quotes)
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Because you know a tutu is the appropriate attire for tree decorating....
Because you know a tutu is the appropriate attire for tree decorating….

Mama: No! Five minute time out! Get to your room!

Frankie: (muttering under her breath as she walks away) Good, that’s not very long

Mama: Please don’t take the ornaments off the tree.
Frankie: But mama, I’m making a bowl of presents.
Mama: Well, make it out of something else. (starts putting the ornaments back on the tree)
Frankie: Damage
Mama: What?
Frankie: Damage, Mama
Mama: Damage?
Frankie: Yes, Damage
Mama: What does that mean?
Frankie: It means really mad and frustrated.
Mama: It does?
Frankie: Yes, Mama I am really damage at you
Happy Holiday Season from the potty mouth mama……




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  1. Irbi says:

    Hi, Ramona, Merry Christmas. Marya and I did two days of annual shopping last weekend. She told me about your site. Your daughter is very cute. It is good you are recording all these times. I am doing a Mother/Daughter book for Marya for Christmas and it is amazing what I do not remember!! Frustrating. Some of it has to do with my childhood and my relationship with my mother. That is where it really gets dim in the memory banks. Enjoyed your book reviews also. Have you read any Alexander McCall Smith? Different but interesting. Good “talking” to you. Have a wonderful holiday season. Irbi Nelson

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