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Book Review (& Poetry!) — Houndsley & Catina and the Quiet Time


What a nice “quiet” book for bedtime.  In 3 chapters for early readers, but perfect for reading to a pre-schooler.  Houndsley and Catina are practicing for the concert but it looks like they might get snowed in.  Catina starts to worry about all the things she can’t do when they are stuck in the house, like go home to curl her whiskers and put on a dress for the concert, but Houndsley reminds her to focus on the fun things they can do when it is snowing and quiet.  Like bake cookies and write poems and read them to each other, which my daughter said she wanted to do today!  She is the product of her parents and therefore dictated that she would write a princess poem and I must write a pirate poem.  Which I am including here for your laugh of the day:

Once there was a pirate
As salty as could be.
He lived upon the ocean
And sailed upon the sea.
But when he met a mermaid
He sailed the seas no more.
“I do not want her father
Knocking at my door.”

Since my daughter is just learning to write, we don’t have a princess poem for you but look for one in the future! Houndsley and Catina and the Quiet Time
definitely makes the list of mama favorites!

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